Use Cases

December, 2017

Supply Chain Systems

In partnership with Transnet & SARS we provided consultaion and developed for a national coastal and inland port blockchain system platform that gives control over a country’s imports and exports in real time by digitalizing the shipping process into an hyperledger.

September, 2018

Market Analysis

Stringfellow Group SA POC to provide insight on actual market perceptions of a brand, product or asset, allowing for strategic positioning and optimized product alignment.

May, 2018

Security & Surveillance

Melrose Arch POC involed implementing our AI to act as an early warning system for virtual and physical and asset security, using facial recognition, object detection and system anomaly detection.

January, 2018

Mining & Construction

POC at Terissa Mine in the North West for optimization and automation of all processes from milling to recovery to predictive maintanance, increasing overall efficiency.

April, 2017

Client Retension

Leverage AI, we partnered with a European bank to process its data to provide real time insight and predictive analysis a to which clients where most likely to leave the bank within the next 3 months and why, this was achieved with an 87% accuracy rate.

Feb, 2019

AI Contact Center

We are currently engaged in a project with a client to use AI to run their call centres. From flagged phrases to audio KPI monitoring, our offering puts an end to the era of call recording and batch sampling for performance analysis.