Business Intelligence & Analytics

Say goodbye to manual reporting and static financial reports. Get instant access to end-to-end visibility and control of your P&L. Support growth and bottom line results with tools to analyze and predict cost and performance.

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Artificial Intelligence R&D And Consulting

We are able to take structured or unstructured data to provide meaningful insight with AI through predictive analysis, sentiment analysis and risk analysis to give a holistic and in-depth perception of operations and business.

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Blockchain Development & Consulting

Our blockchain experts will implement your ideas and requirements and build an MVP following the leanest path. We help you build viable solutions that possesses the right market fit as well as defining KPIs.

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Natural Language Understanding

Our AI engine uses your data to learn, integrate and optimize your business processes using audio, text, social media and various data sources. Giving you an intuitive understanding of internal and external sentiment towards your business.

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Security & Surveillance

Our AI Facilities management solution combines BMS in an even more intuitive package, including up to 4K (CCTV) surveillance with object detection, facial recognition, abnormally detection as well biometric access control and fire detection and prevention systems.

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Transport & Utilities

AI and analytics delivers insight into every step of the operational strategy. With data pointing directly towards the areas that need improvement, decision makers can move operations closer to the goal of excellent passenger experiences at the lowest possible cost.

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